Let's improve

the way we live and do produce shopping

by simply swapping from plastic bags to reusable bags 

Ecowaii Reusable Produce Bags

The best alternative to eliminate produce plastic bags 

Great value when shopping your fruits & Veggies

Eco-friendly bags designed to help communities & the Earth

Optimal airflow to keep fruits and veggies fresh

Perfect for Fruits & Veggies

Convenient & Multi-use

Strong, light & easy to use

Machine wash & hang dry

Organic Cotton Mesh

Tare Weight

For a better life style and caring for the Earth

Stop taking home 350-500 produce plastic bags

per year!

Use Ecowaii  Reusable Bags

Over and Over Again!

Excellent produce bags for local farmer markets and grocery shopping!

Avoid plastic produce bag

outside and inside of the refrigerator

Multi-use Organic Bags

The organic cotton bags are great for toys, laundry, travel and storage

Ecowaii Reusable Produce Bags Care

Mesh organic cotton are very durable and easy to care for!

Hand or machine wash in cold water

Hand dry. No recommend to use dry machine

The bags are never been bleached

Question: contact ecowaiibags@gmail.com

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