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Ecowaii organic cotton reusable zero waste biodegradable mesh bags activates your choice to switch to a “plastic free” life starting from your weekly grocery shopping.


  • Your “green” solution comes from the first product you choose, start with ecowaii eco-friendly organic cotton “zero-waste” reusable produce bags today!


  • STOP PLASTIC USE AND SAVE THE EARTH – incorporate “Plastic Free” in your weekly grocery shopping with ecowaii reusable grocery bags, a simple switch that'll save millions of plastic bags from traveling into landfills.


  • USE ECOWAII 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON PRODUCE BAGS – ecowaii reusable organic cotton produce bags are great for delicate, leafy greens because they are better for retaining moisture, and mesh bags are great for starchy vegetables such as potatoes, corn, peas, carrots, and beets.


  • SOFT MATERIAL DURABLY MADE - ecowaii reusable produce bags feature sturdy draw strings yet super lightweight, use ecowaii bags over and over again and it's biodegradable at end of their life cycle.


  • ECOWAII MULI-PURPOSE REUSABLE BAGS - available in different sizes so there is one to fit each of your produce, use small sized reusable mesh bags to store snacks, lunches, and other traveling essentials, while helping to eliminate the use of Ziploc bags.


  • Ecowaii Reusable Premium Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bags - Set of 9 are Biodegradable, Durable Drawstring, Tare Weight on Tags, Lightweight, Breathable, Easy to Wash.



Set of 3 Medium Bags - Ecowaii Reusable Produce Bags (Size: 12x10 in)

SKU: 869039000432
  • 3 Medium Bags, 10x12 in