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Why choose ecowaii?

We are committed to the health of our planet and we carefully select our materials and manufacturers, ensuring that they align with our mission and values. This includes ethical standards and eco responsibility.

We chose to develop our company as a household product for reusable and compostable products.

What are ecowaii reusable bags made from?

Our bags are biodegradable, certified organic cotton and certified Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTs).

What are the sizes of your reusable bags?

We have three sizes :

Where are ecowaii reusable bags made?

We would love to make our reusable bags in the United States, but it is not possible for a small business. We carefully selected a manufacturing company in China that represents our mission and values.

What are the care instructions of the bags?

Mesh organic cotton are very durable and easy to care for! Hand or machine wash in cold water and hang dry. The bags are never been bleached and it is a possible they will shrink 10% after first wash.

Are these biodegradable if I should have to dispose of them?

Ecowaii bags are 100% organic, biodegradable and cotton. Based on the Cotton…. Cotton is a natural fiber, so it will biodegrade without leaving a residue or chemical pesticides behind.

What material are the mesh bags made of?

100% organic cotton.

Are these bags certified organic?

Yes! certified organic cotton.

Where can I found ecowaii bags?

Ecowaii reusable produce bags are available in Amazon and Facebook. If you are WA resident, you get free shipping.

What fruits and veggies can the produce bags store?

Please review below our ecowaii produce chart. It provides a guide for produce shopping vs bags.

Can I put the bags in the refrigerator?

The produce bags are designed to maintain optimal airflow to keep your fruits and veggies fresh outside or inside the refrigerator.

Can I buy additional bags of a specific size to add to my set?

Absolute Yes! We have our 9 bags set but also you can add more sizes to your set. We have 3 bags Small Size, 3 bags Medium Size and 3 bags Large Size available to you!