Separate your food waste

Keep your compost bin smelling fresh and clean while storing your food scraps

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100% Compostable
Food Waste Bags

Size: 3 Gallon
150 Bags
BPI Certification-ASTM D6400

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We support our communities,
cities and environment

Our compostable bags are BPI Approved

for Food Waste Collection

The Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) is an United State professional association that promotes the use, and recycling of biodegradable polymeric materials (via composting).

Ecowaii Compostable Certification

The ASTM D6400 is a test for compostable products.
The BPI recognizes any materials and products that meet the ASTM D6400.

The BPI Logo is a certification for compostable products to be used in a composting facilities and recognized throughout North America.

Why Use Compostable Bags



The bags are manufactured from plants based thermoplastic corn starch that contains no GMO

It is good

for nature

By separating food scraps from regular trash, you help communities and cities to reduce waste in the landfill

Build a

better soil

Compostable bags + food scraps + yard waste
= rich nutrients
Recycling organic waste helps feed the soil 

and keeps clean the food waste bin and helps eliminate odors

Store the box in a dry-cool area.
Keep away from sunlight and avoid heat.
Use bags within 9 months of purchase.

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