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My husband Luis, does the grocery shopping at home

He loves to go to the store to buy fresh produce.

I am the one who cleans and puts the groceries away at our home.

At the end of my chore, my hands were full of produce plastic bags!

By the end of the month, we had collected approximately 32 bags.

Over a year, that would add up to 384 bags! 

Knowing that most of these bags would end up in landfills

or polluting the Earth for over 1000 years,

made me develop my company, Ecowaii.

Our family and Ecowaii’s mission is

to help families and communities to eliminate single-use products.

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Our family and Ecowaii’s mission is to eliminate single-use plastic.


Our goal is to help families and communities

to recognize and refuse single-use products

while re-using eco-friendly products.

Together we can make a big change for a sustainable life.

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Do you know

Do you know in the USA alone, 100 billion plastic bags are consumed each year? And only 1% is recycled.

 The amount of plastic consumption and waste in the USA is alarming. It is our hope that people will change their habit of using plastic produce bags, and instead, use our reusable products.

If everyone did this small change in routine, it would make a real difference in the fight against plastic waste.  We hope to save our world, one less plastic bag at a time. 

Ecowaii Reusable Produce Bags

Ecowaii Reusable Produce Bags are also great for storing produce and other items at home.


They are sturdy, reusable, and biodegradable.

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Ecowaii Compostable Bags

Ecowaii will provide Compostable Bags that can be used to collect all your food waste. 


Food waste and the compostable bags are easily broken-down in a compostable facility, leaving behind rich nutrients that can be used to feed our earth. 

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Ecowaii Support

Ecowaii is proud to support two non-profits, Pacific Northwest organizations that focus on raising environmental awareness and protecting our beautiful planet.

For every reusable set purchased, $1 will be donated to Washington's National Park Fund and The Ocean Cleanup North Pacific Foundation. Thank you for being a part of our conservation efforts. 

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Thank you for being a loyal Ecowaii customer, and for helping us make a difference in the fight against single-use.

Maria, Luis, and Isabella

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