Eco-friendly products designed to help communities and the Earth

Compostable and Reusable Produce Bags

Welcome to Ecowaii

Founded in Washington State,

Ecowaii provides eco-friendly alternatives

to eliminate single-use consumption

and raises environmental awareness

to protect our beautiful planet!


Our products are made from

Organic or Natural Material.

They are Food Safe,

Reusable, Sustainable, and or Compostable.

Live your life without single-use

with every day eco-friendly products

Happiness begins when you don't bring plastic bags home

My husband Luis, does the grocery shopping at home.


He loves to go to the store to buy fresh produce.


I am the one who cleans and puts the groceries away at home.


At the end of my chore, we were full of produce plastic bags!


By the end of the month,

we had 32 bags.

Over a year,

that would add up to 384 bags! 


Knowing that most of these bags would end up in landfills

or polluting the Earth over 100 years,

made me develop my company, Ecowaii.


Our family and Ecowaii’s mission is

to help families and communities to eliminate single-use products.



We are ready to help

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